It is over 65 years ago since the City of Bundaberg Drum Corps performed for the very first time. Since that performance the band has established a reputation as a premier marching and display band at Festivals and Band Spectaculars from Cairns to Melbourne and west to Winton. The smart distinctive uniform and regimental precision of the bands movements and music have seen the Corps acknowledged as one of the finest civic bands in the country.

Those who join the band tend to stay on for a number of years, willing to pass on what they have learnt and share their enjoyment with new members. A number of current members boast 10 or more years of playing with the band.

What keeps these drummers coming along? I guess each one could relate to something special, but most would agree that it is the combination of many experiences.

There is the common interest in drumming and performing in front of both small crowds and large stadiums full of people all wanting to be entertained.

The enjoyment of meeting and performing with other bands. Travelling away to various festivals and events and enjoying the social interaction with each other.The discipline of learning new skills and performing together as a team.

Television and the internet has allowed people of all ages to witness and enjoy the spectacle of precision drumming by groups such as the Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland, the New Zealand Army Band and the Drill Team of the Kings Guard from Norway. This has led to a growing interest in drumming and especially the visual spectacle of drummers juggling their sticks around while playing their fast beats.This has led the band to look for ‘that something different’ to keep the public entertained at the many Festivals and parades the band performs at throughout the year. The band members themselves are keen to push the boundaries and be challenged by learning more intricate and entertaining rhythmic drumming beats and movements.

The band is building on this by developing more beats that show off the different sections of the band as well as the diversity of rhythms, from waltz to jazz, or swing to pop. By adding different percussion instruments such as cow bells and wooden blocks, the sounds and rhythms will be catchy and entertaining.  Precision drills using sticks and other movements will enhance the visual aspect of these new sequences.

Many fathers who have ferried their children to practices have ended up joining themselves and have stayed on even after their children have moved away. The Bundaberg Drum Corps especially welcomes the many drummers who have been part of the many Primary School Drum Bands in the district. New members can expect to be taught the techniques required to enable them to get the most out of their instrument. By learning the correct way, they can look forward to many years of enjoyment playing in marching bands or sitting at a kit of drums.

The Drum Corps offers 3 month free tuition to anybody wishing to try drumming. Age is no barrier with ages from as young as 10 up to 70 and beyond catered for. You can learn to play side drum, tenor drum, bass drum or cymbals. Maybe you would like to join the other girls and lead the band at their performances by training to be a Drum Major.  If you have the desire to be part of this exciting team, call into the Drum Corps Hall in Burrum Street Showgrounds any Monday night from 7.15pm, or call Tony on 4154 4188.Training is provided with the emphasis on enjoyment.

Whether you are a complete novice, an experienced musician or a past member, you will be most welcome to come and join us.